5 Atypical Police Chases

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Running from the police is never a good idea, but it's a heck of a lot smarter than trying to escape using a golf cart.

Nothing has the ability to command attention quite like a police chase. Watching a swarm of cop cars trying to stop a crazy driver makes for great TV. People who run from police usually do so in what could be considered "normal" cars. However, normal is boring for some people, so they decide to spice things up by driving limos, golf carts, tanks and more. There's just something about a video of police chasing a stolen 7UP truck that demands your attention.

Using a limo to run from the cops sounds like a terrible idea, right? It's a bad idea-to an extent-as proved in this video. The driver of this white Cadillac limo hits speeds as high 150 mph and even manages to prolong the chase by driving in reverse after blowing his transmission like a boss.

Running from the cops in a golf cart is perhaps the worst idea in history. However, it does make for a pretty funny video. The only thing this video is missing is some Yakity Sax.

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As anyone who has ever played "Grand Theft Auto" knows, it's basically impossible for the police to stop a tank. That point was proven to the San Diego police and California Highway Patrol when a soldier stole a tank and took it on a rampage that finally ended with him being shot by officers.

What's the worst thing that could happen when you're running from the cops using a transport truck? The tires could blow, it could run out of gas or it could catch on fire. Take a wild guess what happens in this video.

You've got to wonder why this guy decided to steal a 7UP truck, and how in the world he thought he would ever outrun police in it. This video is worth a watch simply to see all of the soda that spills onto the Los Angeles streets.

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