5 Automakers That Should Build A RWD Rival For The Kia Stinger

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Kia had the guts to build a sport sedan, so who else could do it?

The Kia Stinger is everything that enthusiasts have been asking for. We demanded an affordable, stylish RWD sedan that was larger than the entry-level German offerings. The Chevy SS almost nailed this formula, but had bland styling and a nonexistent advertising campaign. We hope that the Stinger's RWD platform can help buck the trend of declining large sedan sales, but manufacturers and consumers seem to be only concerned with crossovers. Here are five automakers that we think should build a RWD rival for the Kia Stinger.


General Motors is one of the most obvious contenders to build a RWD competitor to the Kia Stinger. The Chevy SS was a success with critics, but fell short on sales. We would love to see a new Chevy sedan on the Alpha platform, which is shared with the Camaro and Cadillac ATS. We could also see Buick doing something with this platform. The Regal was recently redesigned as, once again, a rebadged Insignia, but GM sold the Opel and Vauxhall divisions (which designed the Insignia). Perhaps Buick will need to go back to the drawing board sooner rather than later and build a RWD sedan that would be a rival for the Stinger.

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We recently heard a rumor that the next generation Mazda6 could be developed with RWD. Mazda is working with Toyota to develop a new infotainment system and build a new factory, so it is possible that the two could collaborate on a new RWD platform. The Mazda6 has always been one of the most fun cars in its class, but has also been a bit lacking on power. We would absolutely love to see a RWD version with turbocharging that could one-up Kia in this segment. Unfortunately, Mazda seems committed to not building anything that enthusiasts will love (except for the Miata, of course).

Honda has always been very similar to Mazda when it comes to fun cars. Occasionally Honda would let its hair down and build a car like the S2000 or Civic Type R, but for the most part the company plays it safe. The Accord has always been a nice car to drive, but Honda hasn't ventured into the full-size sedan market for quite some time. Honda has shown recently that it isn't afraid to head into higher price brackets with cars like the Civic Type R and Acura NSX. We think that Honda desperately needs a scalable RWD platform. This platform could help revitalize the Acura brand as well as give Honda a second flagship car above the Civic Type R hot hatch.

Ford Performance

Like GM, Ford also built a full-size muscle sedan in Australia. Unfortunately, Ford never sold this Falcon in the US, which was a shame. Instead, we got the lame Taurus, which is extremely out of date. When Ford finally does retire the Taurus, it should think about picking up where GM left off with the Chevy SS. American enthusiasts are dying for an affordable, full-size sedan with V8 power. The Dodge Charger is a cool car, but dynamically it is based on a very old Mercedes platform. Ford has an opportunity here to create a modern RWD platform and power it with an EcoBoost engine. Of course, we'd love to see a Shelby version with the 5.2-liter Voodoo V8, but beggars can't be choosers.


Toyota is trying hard to fight its "boring car" image. The new Camry was a step in the right direction, but there are still plenty of lackluster models in the Toyota lineup. The upcoming Supra should give people something to talk about, but we believe that Toyota should follow it up with a RWD sedan. The Avalon is a very comfortable (FWD) car, but it is really meant for older people. We wish that Toyota would go back to building a fun, RWD sedan like the Chaser (which was only sold in Japan). Toyota has RWD platforms that it could borrow from Lexus, so this is something that we could actually picture happening in the future.


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