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5 Automakers That Should Never Make Fully Autonomous Vehicles

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Some things don’t need to change.

Automakers may currently be in an all-out war to implement new and technologically advanced autonomous technology into its vehicles, but that doesn't mean every automaker should follow blindly after one another in the hopes of making the driver obsolete. We love cars and the technology that comes with them, but we hope these five automakers never engineer a fully autonomous vehicle, because a self-driving car from one of these brands would be utterly tragic.

Ferrari wrote the supercar book and every automaker has been attempting to follow closely in its shoes. The automaker makes some of the fastest and most enjoyable supercars to drive in the world and an autonomous Ferrari would just break our hearts. From its turbocharged monsters to its V12-powered grand tourers, no other automaker has been able to match Ferrari. Don't like Ferrari, well then how does a Lamborghini sound? The automaker has been in a heated battle with Ferrari and decided to create supercars that leave you with a smile on your face. Lamborghini has always had a dramatic flair, but its modern supercars are faster and more usable than ever.

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An autonomous Lamborghini sounds as crazy as a rampaging bull chasing after a prancing horse. Yes, the world would hate autonomous supercars, but what about sports cars? Let's face it, the majority of enthusiasts will never have the opportunity to own a supercar and that's where Porsche comes in. The automaker has made some of the best sports cars in the world for countless years and still provides plenty of purist offerings. An autonomous Porsche would go against everything the automaker stands for, which includes unparalleled handling and a pure ride. As one of the few brands that still offers a manual gearbox, an autonomous 911 would make us dry heave.

There are automakers out there that make cars that are fun to drive and won't break the bank. Mazda happens to be one of those brands and makes cars that are fun to drive and affordable. Whether you need a dedicated sports car, SUV, or sedan, Mazda does it all with a flair of athleticism that can't be found anywhere else. Hopefully, that rules out autonomous cars. Lastly, Subaru creates some affordable vehicles that can actually be enjoyed by enthusiasts. However, its cars can also be used on roads other than tarmac and are recognized for being able to dominate a rally stage. Huge wings, blistering lap times and incredible rally capabilities, yeah it would suck if Subaru created an autonomous car.