5 Awesome Colors That Will Stop People Laughing At Your Crossover

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Who said all crossovers were boring?

Crossovers are often mocked by car enthusiasts for being boring and safe. Some companies like BMW and Porsche have done everything in their power to build sporty SUVs that will change people's opinions. While the Cayenne Turbo and X5M are both amazing cars, seeing them in grey and black doesn't give the impression that they are barnstormers capable of keeping up with sports cars. We have compiled a list of awesome colors that will show the world that your crossover SUV is not boring!


We start off with a controversial choice. Many people don't love the looks of the Cayenne, and this color may not help this cause. However, we picked Porsche's Peridot Metallic because it is by far the most unique color we have ever seen on an SUV. If you want Lamborghini levels of attention, but still want to be able to haul your family around, this is your car. This color was first available on the Cayenne GTS which, in our opinion, was the best model. With a naturally aspirated 4.8-liter V8, this family cruiser sounded simply amazing when you started it up. We heard one of these cold start in a CVS parking lot, trust us, it was magical. Unfortunately this color is no longer offered, but pay Porsche enough and they'll make it for you!

Porsches are extremely customizable cars, albeit at a very expensive price. Our next choice is also very customizable, but on a budget. The Nissan Juke comes in a variety of cool colors like Red Alert, and Cosmic Blue. However, we chose Solar Yellow. It is uncommon to see an SUV painted yellow, and we think that it looks really good on the Juke. Nissan offers a high level of customization and you can even match the interior panels in Solar Yellow. As long as you don't go overboard and order the matching silver and yellow two-tone wheels, we think you will have a pretty good looking car. Unfortunately you can't have the higher performance Nismo model in the color, but you can ditch that CVT for an optional six-speed manual.

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Next up we have a company that we know is capable of making some exciting colors. This time, Audi has decided to offer a unique color on a very high volume model. Hainan Blue is available on Audi's smallest SUV, the Q3. The color reminds us of BMW's Estoril Blue and recent Long Beach Blue Metallic. It seems out of place that Audi decided to offer this unique color on a car that will sell in such large numbers. If you search for a Q3, chances are you won't find too many that are painted in this awesome blue. If you want to be bold, we say go for Hainan Blue and watch as your neighbors give you stares of jealousy as they stand by their beige Toyota.

The next color on our list is another blue, this time from Jeep. The Renegade is a quirky little off-roader that comes in a variety of quirky colors like Omaha Orange and Solar Yellow, which is the same name as the Juke's yellow oddly enough. We chose Sierra Blue which amazingly reminds us a bit of BMW's Laguna Seca Blue as well as a darker version of the clear winner of our Aston Martin best color poll, Flugplatz Blue. We think this color makes the Renegade look like a little Smurfmobile. While this may sound silly, we think the Renegade shouldn't be taken too seriously. This may not be the toughest color available, but lets be honest, this isn't the toughest Jeep out there. We really dig the way it looks.

The last car on our list is the Mercedes GLA. Many people dislike the GLA because it prevented us from getting the beautiful CLA Shooting Brake and A-Class hatchback in the US. However, Mercedes has made up for this by offering the GLA in some insane colors. The most boy-racer choice is Jupiter Red. With matching red brake calipers and insane aerodynamic bits, this car looks more at home with Subaru STIs than other Mercedes products. The GLA is also available in Northern Lights Violet Metallic, as well as the cleverly named Kryptonite Green Metallic. The next time you think the GLA is boring, just remember these insane colors!

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