5 Awesome New Cars You'll Want Will Debut in 2015

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Get ready for another year of awesome.

New cars are launched every year but only a select few are the ones we crave for. They not only come from exotic carmakers but also mainstream ones. Some are insanely expensive, others are more within reach. What they all have in common is that they're standouts. 2014 was a great year thanks to the arrivals of the Mercedes-AMG GT and the all-new Ford Mustang, to name just a couple. What's coming up this year? Several debuts. So we picked out five, in no particular order, which we predict will be the stand-outs.

Ford GT successor. It's rumored to be powered by a twin-turbocharged EcoBoost V6 producing over 600 horsepower. What's more, a racing version of this will head to the 24 of Hours of Le Mans in 2016. Details are extremely minimal at the moment, but we'll know much more once it debuts at Detroit in just a couple of weeks.

The new Acura NSX. Also set to be unveiled at Detroit, the highly anticipated second generation NSX has already been revealed in concept form, and the production version won't look a whole lot different. Will it become the legend that is the original? We'll soon find out.

Ford Focus RS. This could end up being the ultimate hot hatch, and for once America isn't missing out on it. The Focus RS's expected Detroit arrival has been confirmed but Ford is keeping details under lock and key. What you can expect is all-wheel-drive and the Mustang's 2.3-liter EcoBoost turbo four banger producing over 300 horsepower. The VW Golf R is going to have some serious competition from now on.


Chevrolet Camaro. The sixth-generation Camaro is nearly upon us. We've seen spy shots and some excellent renderings of what the production version will look like. On the surface it doesn't appear much different than the current Camaro. Underneath, however, is the same state-of-the-art, rear-wheel-drive platform that underpins the Cadillac ATS. The new Camaro will be lighter and more nimble than its predecessor but we still expect both V6 and V8 performance options. But don't rule out the possibility of a turbo four either at launch or not far down the road.

Ferrari 458 Italia successor. Codenamed M458-T, the successor to the absolutely wonderful 458 Italia will ditch the natural aspirated V8 for a twin-turbo V8. As previously reported, Ferrari is in the process of switching over to an entirely turbocharged (and hybrid V12) lineup. This already began with the California T. But Ferrari's all-new mid-engined supercar is expected to boast even greater performance abilities than the formidable 458, and perhaps even the 458 Speciale. Expect a debut this March at Geneva.


Honorable Mention: Lotus Evora updates. Ok, so we know the Lotus Evora isn't receiving a complete redesign, but the updates are said to be significant. Word has it that it'll be 15 percent more powerful and will go on a diet. Exterior styling will be given a refresh and the interior is all-new as well. Lotus's new CEO has promised that the updated Evora will even beat Porsches for performance. Consider us smitten already.


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