5 Awesome Production Trucks (And 1 Concept) Came To Detroit And Ruled The Show


Chevy Volt and Bolt? Trucks were the bomb, yo!

For now gas prices are down in the US and many other parts of the world. Whether or not (most likely not) it'll remain this way is another issue, but what's for certain is pickup trucks aren't going anywhere. The 2015 Detroit Auto Show was definitive proof. Just look at what debuted: Nissan Titan XD, the redesigned Toyota Tacoma, Ram 1500 Rebel and, of course, the new Ford F-150 Raptor. That's four production ready pickups, mid- and full-size, that will arrive in showrooms.

Well, five if you count the GMC Canyon Nightfall Edition. Heck, there was even the Hyundai Santa Cruz concept pickup/crossover thingamajigger. Take it for what it is. But the bottom line is that trucks received way more attention than, say, the new Chevrolet Volt and Bolt Concept. Long live the pickup.


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