5 Ballin' Black Series Benzes


When it comes to supercharged Silver Arrows, the Black Series is as good as it gets.

How do you make a Mercedes-Benz more awesome? You give it the AMG treatment. How do you make an AMG Mercedes even better? You give it the Black Series treatment. Do you see where this is going? The Black Series Benzes featured here include killer tune jobs, wannabe Black Series coupes and the recently revealed Black SLS AMG. Yes, the tune jobs are as awesome as they sound; and no, the knockoff Black Series isn't as bad as it sounds. And for the millionth time, yes, the brand-new SLS AMG is awesome.

Prior Design somehow made the Mercedes CL look even better. The tuner added an aerodynamic body kit made of Dura-Flex FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic). The kit consists of a new front bumper, front lip spoiler, side skirts, rear bumper and diffuser, rear widenings, a front hood and mesh grilles. All of this can be yours for around $16,400.

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Vath injected more power into the Black Series C63 AMG Coupe, pushing its engine to 746 horsepower and 590 pound-feet of torque. Those numbers come from the addition of a compressor system, water-charging cooling system, ECU remap and custom exhaust. All that comes in at a hair under $50,000 and increases the C63 AMG Coupe's top speed to 218 mph. Optional additions include adjustable shock absorbers, 20-inch alloys and a leather sport steering wheel.

A new body kit and beefier engine dominate Domanig's Black Series C63 AMG tune job. The carbon fiber body kit is complemented by a massive wing and 20-inch alloys. The Benz has an additional 83 horses thanks to an ECU flash, a sports catalyst and new headers.

In all honesty, this isn't an actual Black Series C63. In fact it's a C350 with a body kit from German tuners SGA Exclusive. While it may be easy to see this C350 as a tacky knockoff, think of it more as a "budget" gearhead MacGyver job.

The Black C63 is nice and all, but it's nothing compared to the SLS AMG Black Series. The Black SLS AMG has 622 hp, although torque has strangely been dropped from 480 to 468 lb-ft. The package comes equipped with a body kit sourced from the GT3 racing variant. The infotainment center is gone, but in its place is carbon trim and Alcantara.