5 BMW Models We Would Love To See On The Road

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We think that all of these would restore BMW's former glory.

A little over a year ago, we suggested that BMW should bring back the 8 Series as a flagship model. A year and a half later, BMW has responded with the stunning 8 Series Concept. We wish that BMW would make more daring chances like this, instead of building cars that enthusiasts hate like the 6 Series GT. We think that BMW has the potential to build some of the finest driving machines in the world. If only it could forget about crossovers for a while.


When we envisioned a flagship model for BMW, we pictured a mid-engined replacement for the old M1. We love the way that the M8 looks and we think that it will be a great model for the brand. However, we still think that the BMW lineup has room for a supercar to sit above the M8 and i8. The i8 was very futuristic, but the excitement fizzled out on the car after most people purchased it above sticker price with the intent to flip it. We would love to see a mid-engine car with a tuned version of the M8's 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8. Adding a hybrid drivetrain to the car could even make it a fierce competitor for upcoming hypercars like the Mercedes Project 1.

We know that BMW is working with Toyota on a convertible model that will replace the Z4. The car will share a platform with the new Supra, but we know very little about it, including its name. We all thought that it would be called the Z5, but BMW put that rumor to rest. Whatever this new car will be called, we know that it will be a two-seater convertible. We've recently seen a rendering of what a modern day Z3 M Coupe could look like, and it makes us desperately wish that BMW would build a coupe version of the new car. This modern day clown shoe would be a very niche car, but would be a great way to reward loyal enthusiasts who have helped old M cars become so collectible.

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It sounds supprising, but BMW has never built an M3 wagon from the factory. There have been wagon versions of the M5, but never the M3. Even though rivals Audi and Mercedes have made wagon version of the RS4 and C63, the closest that BMW has ever come to an M3 wagon was a prototype based on the E46 chassis. We seriously doubt that the current M3 will spawn a wagon variant, so we can only hope that the next generation will be the first one. At this point, we would even settle for an M4 Grand Coupe, which offers similar practicality to a wagon. We can't believe that BMW has still never offered this body style on an M3, but we doubt that the US would even get it if BMW did decide to build it.

We all love the E30 BMW M3, but the prices on this classic car have gotten completely out of hand. The E30 is a great car, but it's not worth six-figures. That is why we propose that BMW build new E30 M3 models as part of a limited classic run. A new law was approved in the US that allows low-volume manufacturers to build recreation cars. This is the law that allows DeLorean to sell brand new models. DeLorean is using the original tooling to create new cars, and we think that BMW should set up a BMW Classic division to do the same thing. These cars would be very expensive to build, but it could free up the older M cars for people who actually want to drive them.

The 2 Series is easily our favorite model in the range. The BMW car's smaller size reminds us of models like the E46 M3. The bigger M cars have been overwhelmed by power and technology, but BMW kept the M2 nice and simple. We would love to see an even more focused version of the 2 Series come out with a naturally aspirated engine. We know that BMW is working on a more hardcore version of the M2, possibly called the CS, but we would love to see a more simplified 2 Series with a naturally aspirated engine that just sings. BMW has gone to turbocharging in every model, but we would love to see one purist car in the range that was just meant to be a driver's car.

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