5 Car Pranks To Keep Your Funny Bone In Shape

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Be glad you aren't some of these people.

Let’s face it, when it comes to prank videos few otherthings offer a similar experience in terms of side-splitting funnymisfortune. As long as it happens to someone else, it’s damned entertaining andhard to hold in laughter. Today we’re commemorating five of the best prank videoswe’ve featured, this time all in one convenient location. So sit back with abeer or chocolate milk and make sure when your beverage shoots through yournostrils you’re far enough from your keyboard.

This first one offers a tame start to the list. Our friendVitaly showcases a Lamborghini that almost certainly could belong to him, andhe presents it as such but when women see his clever ruse exposed they arequick to give him the brush off. At least this one did.

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Next up is a classic. Touching on something a little moreelaborate notes are left on supercars windshields apologizing for a dent. Thissends the owners into a frenzy.

Switching things up a little, this is a prank that doesn’tgo as planned. We don’t want to reveal too much, suffice it to say thisinvolves fake poop on an expensive car. Hey, at least we aren’t the ones whoget tasered.

It’s become somewhat common practice to pull pranks ondrive-thru workers, but what’s impressive about this prank in particular is howelaborate it is. This driver goes through several efforts as a fake skeleton toget the drop on these employees, and it works.

Last but not least the list ends with something ambiguous.No details are revealed about the point of this exercise, but one things forsure: parents give a kid a beat up old truck, and he goes ballistic.