5 Cars James Bond Would Have In His Dream Garage

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Grand Touring cars represent those of us who drive like it’s our life’s calling.

You’re cool in heated situations and can handle everything with a calm and collected smile. You shake up the best martini like it’s nobody’s business and spend the weekends cruising around the countryside with a companion in the passenger’s seat. Ahh, you must be either James Bond or a Grand Touring car lover. Either way, you don’t need to win the lottery to buy up your dream garage, the only nuisance you need to get over is deciding which cars make it to your garage. CarBuzz has made this easy for you, so read on.

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A good GT car must have a few standard characteristics to make it good. It must be beautiful, it must have a front engine rear-drive setup, it has to be comfortable enough to soak up miles, it needs to be powerful, and it has to be expensive enough to differentiate you from the rest of the sheep. For all of these qualities laced with a sinister twist, look no further than the Maserati GT. A snarling 4.7-liter Italian V8 pushes peasants aside while it sucks miles past the windscreen. Sumptuous leather and an attractive cockpit keep the car smooth and comfortable while wild body styling will snap necks. This car steals envious glances like a fraternity bro forges “consent,” so keep one for the devious days.

If you take your champagne as seriously as Arnold Schwarzenegger takes his steroid and cigar collection, then the Bentley Continental GT is a GT to have in the garage. Both V8 and W12 models offer silky smooth acceleration that looks ferocious to someone on the outside. Inside, a baby could be put to sleep at idle or wide-open throttle while resting on countless cowhides and craftsmanship to die for. Styling isn’t too aggressive, in fact it’s as polite and sophisticated as it gets. This is a car for people who remember their butler’s birthday, so stow one in the garage for those days that you like people. You’ll still get looks, but they’ll be nods of approval instead of looks of fear and contempt.

It’s impossible to buy a brand new version of one of the prettiest grand tourers ever, the Jaguar E-Type. However with money, nothing is impossible, and that is precisely why a company named Eagle makes a modern version of the car called the Speedster Low Drag GT. This car is more class than comfort, but just like high heels, looking good has its tradeoffs. Save this one in the garage to impress old geezers and those who pay attention to good style and taste, kind of like your other rich friends. Jeremy Clarkson once called it the “most beautiful thing ever” while Enzo Ferrari downgraded the donor E-Type to being “the most beautiful car in the world.” Either way, keep a copy of the Speedster for Black and White parties.

Some days are good for turning heads and others are for blending in while still being comfortable and staying surrounded by all the high tech you could ever ask for. For this, enlist no other than the BMW 6 Series coupe. Only car lovers will know how much you spent on the car and even then, it looks good but is casual enough to slip by city traffic without causing drama. But you will remain comfortable while the miles go by, and with a lineup of powerful engines, the crowds can be left behind at the command of your right foot. This is the car for weekends when the sex-champagne-martini marathons leave you wanting to slide by the rest of society unannounced while cocooned in a money casket.

No way could a list of grand tourers be complete without the likes of Aston Martin. And why not go for the top of the food chain Vanquish? It’s the original gangster; the best looking and best sounding well-oiled machine for long distance cruises. Any other grand touring aficionado will smile and wave in approval of your V12 beast. Tesla owners who champion their car's autopilot capabilities need not apply because this car is for those who love the experience of driving and treat a car like an appendage. Besides, an Aston Martin is a living piece of metallic art. In this car, you put on your driving gloves and let emotion take the wheel for road trips. Whether you end up in the Hamptons or Vegas, you'll still end up being the classiest one there.

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