5 Cars Jeremy Clarkson Should Buy With His Amazon Paycheck

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Assuming he's laughing at the BBC all the way to the bank with his Amazon check.

In Jeremy Clarkson's world punching a coworker gets you a raise. It's not like he needed the money when he worked for the BBC, but burning one major television network and moving onto a fat salary from a corporate giant has to be the ultimate badass move. Throughout his years on "Top Gear," Clarkson wasn't shy about telling his audience which cars he loved and hated. Based off of this information, we think we have the top five cars Clarkson should buy with his new Amazon paychecks.


Flying off the handle at seemingly minor incidents seems to be a Clarkson characteristic. That's why when Mercedes debuts the AMG GT Black Series in 2017, Jezza needs to snap one up. Like Clarkson, Black Series Mercedes know how to flip the lid at minor instances like blowing on the gas pedal or thinking about passing a car. The 4.0-liter V8 is expected to produce 580 horsepower, all of which will be sent to the rear wheels. It will likely sit under a huge rear wing and the car will only suit total hooligans or those who are six years old at heart. Clarkson has previously owned a CLK63 AMG Black, but this GT version should provide a nice reward for his bold attempt at amateur boxing.

At one point the "Top Gear" crew got a hold of the Lexus LFA. Clarkson's take on the car? It was an absolute dream come true. When Chris Evans interviewed him about his favorite car he drove on the show, Clarkson, without hesitation, referenced the LFA. Weighing just 3,263 pounds with a 4.8-liter V8 rated at 553 horsepower, the LFA is a true supercar and unlike any of its competitors. It really goes to show just what Japan can do when it makes a no-holds-barred car. He may have to save some cash because the LFA isn't cheap. The even worse news is that there's no successor in sight. Then again, the news isn't all bad. You can find examples selling for below the supercar's original MSRP.

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Previously, Clarkson had summarized his thoughts on Ferrari in one simple sentence. "Basically, I think a Ferrari is a scaled down version of God." With an almost unbearably beautiful face and a driving feel that ranks ahead of almost every other car, the Ferrari 488 GTB should be the next addition to Clarkson's garage. We can tell his love for entry-level Ferraris is eternal because when it came time to take his last lap ever on the Top Gear test track, Clarkson chose a 488 GTB over a Ferrari LaFerrari and a Mercedes-AMG GT. Even though this might be a less purist-friendly car because of its spooling turbos, it is sure to put a smile on anyone's face. That's why it belongs in Clarkson's garage.

British beauty is needed to counteract the German, Italian, and Japanese brawn that so far makes up Clarkson's garage. That's why the Eagle Speedster should be the fourth car in his collection. While filming a tribute to the Jaguar E-Type, Clarkson managed to get behind the wheel of the Speedster and mentioned that he wanted one so badly. With a cost of a million dollars, the car wasn't exactly in his price range at the BBC, but if things go well at Amazon this may soon change. Even though the Eagle Speedster is little more than a modified Jaguar E-Type, the changes make the car a rolling piece of art. What's more is that it will be quite rare too, with only six of these ever seeing the light of day.


While Clarkson may talk a lot of crap about mom and pop cars, he too is a victim of parenthood and needs a practical car to haul the kids with. You'd probably be surprised to learn that he chose a Volvo XC90 as his car of choice when performing that duty. Try not to freak out when you learn that Clarkson has previously bought not one, not two, but three XC90s throughout the years. He personally thinks that the cars make for a terrible drive, but practicality outweighs pleasure in this case. To hear that from one of the biggest gearheads out there shows the depth of a parent's love for a child because it wouldn't be beyond some diehards to have their kid strapped into a deleted rear seat.

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