5 Cars On Sale Today That Need To Be Killed Off


Aside from the Prius, folks.

We recently got wind that Volkswagen might kill off its current Beetle at the end of 2018. Nothing is confirmed just yet, but we really wouldn’t be surprised to see that happen. It hasn’t exactly been a very popular model, especially when the Golf is so much more convenient on a daily basis. But the Beetle’s potential death got us wondering: What other cars on sale today should also be discontinued? Whether they’re slow sellers, outdated, or just not necessary, here are five that we came up with.

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The Lincoln MKS is really nothing more than a Ford Taurus with not so attractive Lincoln styling. It was never really a sales success, especially now that the all-new Continental is on the way. Introduced in 2009, the MKS will very likely be replaced by the Continental next year. But just in case that won’t happen, Lincoln, we’re telling you right now: ditch it.

Dodge first introduced the Journey back in 2008, and it looks nearly the same today. Yes, Chrysler faced serious financial setbacks at around the same time, but it’s since recovered, and yet the Journey remains. While it did receive a significant refresh, such as an all-new interior, compared to other new crossovers on the market, the Journey isn’t very attractive. It's a good value, three-row crossover, but it looks dated. Time to go.

Fiat builds and all-electric 500? Yep, it’s called the 500e. It is sold in limited numbers, but really, why bother? CAFE standards, that’s why. Aside from that, if you’re looking for a pure EV, there are now better choices. And, don’t forget, the regular 500 isn’t exactly a gas hog.

It’s not that the Mini Paceman is a bad car, it’s that the Clubman is such a better choice. It doesn’t cost all that much more and has more interior space. Plus, it has those cool split rear doors. The Paceman, by contrast, is for those who want a raised Mini hatch. If so, they’d be much better off with its five-door sibling, the Countryman. That at least has seating for five.

Did you forget that the Lexus CT Hybrid exists? You’re probably not the only one. Now, we’re not doubting that the CT Hybrid isn’t a well-built car, it’s just so bland. Really, it looks boring and people prefer crossovers over hatchbacks anyway. What it does have going for it is its price tag. Starting at just over $31,000, it’s the cheapest Lexus in the current lineup. Nevertheless, get rid of it.