5 Cars That Deserve To Be Put Into Retirement


These models are either outdated, or simply irrelevant in their own lineups.

More often than not, a car lives well beyond its useful years. Automakers want to get the most out of their creation given the enormous amount of money it takes to develop a replacement from scratch. In some instances, a car can simply become irrelevant as a brand rolls out new models that fulfill the same overall purpose. We decided to scour a few manufacturer's lineups and pick out five models that we think are ready to be retired. These cars are either outdated, or no longer serve a purpose for the brand.

The BMW 6 Series was an obvious candidate for this list, because the current F12/13 model is likely on its way out. The 6 Series is based on the 5 Series platform, which was just given an update. We would assume that the next 6 Series would also be based on the new 5er platform, but this may not be the case. The next 6 Series could be smaller than the current car, or could morph into a larger 8 Series. There are many question marks surrounding the next 6 Series, like whether or not it will be a true rival for the Porsche 911 and the new AMG GT. Either way, the 6 Series as we know it today needs to be retired.


As we previously mentioned, Mercedes shook up the two-door luxury car market when it introduced the AMG GT. The AMG GT was so successful that it made us question why Mercedes was still building the SL. The SL may be more luxurious than the AMG GT, but the S-Class convertible is even more comfortable and has more space inside. Mercedes just killed off the SLC roadster, so we wouldn't be surprised if it did the same with the SL. It may be a significant model for Mercedes, but the AMG GT makes the SL look a bit silly.


The Ford Taurus was never our favorite full-size sedan, even when it was first redesigned back in 2010. Seven years later and Ford has done almost nothing to prove the Taurus is still relevant. We would love to see the current car get replaced by a RWD model, or even something AWD based on the Fusion platform. The Fusion Sport is a pretty awesome car, and a larger Taurus Sport doesn't sound like a bad idea. The Chevy SS showed us that even a nearly perfect full-size sedan can go unnoticed in today's market, so perhaps it's time for the Taurus name to be retired altogether.

The Nissan 370Z was a breath of fresh air back in 2008. Fast forward to today and the car is more like a delicious steak someone left on the grill for too long. We still love the 370Z, but nine years on the market without a major refresh is simply too long. Nissan already has a bunch of new engines from the Infiniti line that could go into a new sports car. Just take the Q50 platform, shrink it a bit and offer the same engines. This would mean a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder as an entry engine, and two V6 twin-turbo engines as options. The Q50 is already RWD, so shortening it up couldn't be that hard. Too bad Nissan seems content stretching the 370Z well beyond its useful life with dumb special editions.

Most people aren't even aware that Lexus makes an SUV that sits between the popular RX and the massive LX. The GX460 is actually a very impressive SUV, but that hasn't helped anyone actually notice it. The GX is powered by an old 4.6-liter V8 with only 301 hp. This truck is in no way a speed demon, but performs admirably offroad. Too bad no one really cares about offroading anymore. People who do go offroading probably don't want to spend $51,000 to get their posh SUV all dinged up by rocks and tree branches. The GX is definitely cool, but we still think that Lexus should put it to rest or at least give it a newer engine.

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