5 Cars That Show People You're Better Than Them

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A glimpse into the way the real egomaniacs do it.

Cars were designed to replace horse-powered carriages and elevate humans in the animal kingdom as creatures too good for walking. They quickly became much more. Now we see cars as machines to have fun with and to make fashion statements. We know life isn't equal, but for those with massive self esteem shortfalls who want to compensate, cars provide a way to show others you're better than them. Instead of giving hugs to the needy, we have decided to compile a list of cars that will show everyone that you are indeed a superior being.

Mansory Bugatti Veyron Vincero Mansory's cars are for people who got screwed out of everything in life except for an inheritance. What better way to get the attention that your parents never gave you than by driving around the fastest car in the world in Mansory guise? Even the name Vincero means "I will win" in Italian. To add to your greatness, the car is swathed in carbon fiber and you'll even be better than other Bugatti owners with the knowledge that your car has an additional 100 horsepower. Don't forget to rev the custom exhaust near jealous onlookers to let them taste all 8.0 liters of your greatness.

Ford Mustang With Custom Exhaust and Outlandish Body Kit Sure, sometimes you're better than most of humanity but you just don't have the cash to show it. But remember how you got around this issue on the playground; by being the loudest person and wearing brightly colored clothes. Mustangs may be common, but not yours. Your pony has a custom exhaust and a body kit that your mechanic cousin slapped on. That way you not only stand out from the crowd, you can wear shirts that say "Built Not Bought" to make M3 owners feel bad about themselves.

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Lykan Hypersport The Lykan Hypersport is a car built exclusively for showoffs. Its outlandish design, tear-inducing price tag, and lack of gearhead credibility mean that the only reason to buy this car is for the attention. Even if you can't beat a Porsche 918 in a drag race, you can at least blame it on the gold stitching, holographic display on the center console, and diamond-encrusted headlights. Lamborghini and Mercedes may have capitalized on scissor and gullwing doors, but you'll still steal the show because the Lykan combined scissor doors with a suicide opening, rendering any Rolls-Royce and Lamborghini near you as obsolete.

Khan Flying Huntsman Why stop at flashy when you can have extra axles too? Not only will this car make onlookers do a triple take, but you can rest cocooned in luxury knowing that you're driving something even more unique than a G-Wagon 6x6. Mercedes 6x6 owners may beg to differ, but you can always take the hipster approach and tell people that your car is a handmade custom so it's inexplicably better. With monster truck-like crawling ability, you can literally crush your inferiority complex while calling all the attention in the world to your self.


BMW M4 A little known standard feature is packed into every new BMW that rolls out of the factory. Its called a sense of entitlement, and it gets more abundant with every car you cut off. Sure, plenty of other people own BMWs, but you've taken the blue pill so you still believe you are the center of the world. Soon after taking delivery, you'll realize that you can increase your feelings of self-worth even when you're out of the car by buying every article of BMW branded clothing available. Just don't forget to pick up a taste for wine because now you're too good to drink energy drinks with your custom Honda and modified Subaru STI-owning friends.

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