5 Cars You Can Buy Today With Awesome Racing Stripes

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These classic stripes have never looked better.

Racing stripes, also known as Le Mans stripes, were first applied to racecars to help identify them during the race. The 1965 Ford Mustang GT350 helped cement their popularity on road vehicles. This styling feature is often referred to as "go-faster stripes" on road vehicles, and come in a variety of patterns. While the traditional pattern included two vertical stripes going down the car, other versions are horizontal in form, such as "bumblebee stripes." We've taken a look at the top five cars on sale today that come with this badass look.

Our first choice comes from the manufacturer that helped make racing stripes so popular. When Ford first debuted the new GT, it was painted in Liquid Blue without the car's signature stripes. While it was possible to order the previous generation Ford GT without stripes, the car was far more popular with them. Luckily the new GT will be available with racing stripes which we think look pretty cool. The new Shelby GT350 will also be mentioned in this spot because it shares a name with the original racing stripe street car. The new GT350 looks great with racing stripes like most Mustangs do, and go especially well with Liquid Blue, or the similarly awesome Avalanche Grey.

Next up is another American badass, the Dodge Viper ACR, which may just have one of the coolest stripes ever fitted to any car. Not only is the ACR's stripe two tone, but it features one fat, and one skinny stripe for a unique look. These stripes are also two different colors and continue onto the car's massive spoiler. In order to have this awesome finish on your ACR, you will need to dish out a massive $9,500. The larger stripe will set you back $5,000, while the smaller one costs $4,500. This may sound like an insane amount of money, but on a six-figure racing car, you might as well shell out the cash.

Unlike the previous cars on our list, this next car can only be ordered with racing stripes. The new 911 R comes in only two colors, white or silver, but the racing stripes can be ordered in either green or red. Other than the online configuration, Porsche hasn't really shown off the green striped car, so red is probably going to be the more popular option. This paint job is similar to the 996 GT3RS which only came in white, but the wheels and side stripe could be ordered in several colors. This is a fairly unique way to sell a car. The 911 R doesn't have many options which should keep Porsche's costs down. We would like to see the car come with a few more choices of stripe color, but we are sure someone will probably have that taken care of with a wrap.

The next cars on our list are not big American beasts or German exotics. Instead, they are both tiny hatchbacks that have bark to match their bite. The Fiat 500 Abarth and Mini Cooper are both great examples of small cars that can pack a big punch. Both the Fiat and Mini have tons of customization options from the factory, and stripes are among the most interesting. On Abarth and Cooper Works models respectively, stripes can add a layer of manliness to otherwise feminine cars. We think that both cars look great with a set of stripes, but which car on this list do you think pulls off the look the best?

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