5 Catvertising Car Commercials

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Dogs aren't the only house pets that get to star in car commercials.

It's a known fact that the majority of the world prefers dogs to cats. Dogs are infinitely more fun to play with and watch on TV. Still, cats have been making a comeback as of late thanks to the Internet. Cat videos are a million times more popular than dog videos, but can the same be said about car commercials starring cats? You'll have to check out the videos below and decide for yourself whether you prefer being sold by a cat or dog.

Dodge decided to go the weird route for its "Kittens" commercial. The ad focuses on a group of criminals/furries who use the Dodge Caravan to do whatever it is you do in a warehouse full of people in animal masks.

This commercial for the Ford SportKa is bound to draw the ire of cat lovers everywhere. If only more car companies were brave enough to use decapitation in commercials.

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Toyota's "Cat Videos" is the ultimate car commercial for the Internet generation. Who knew that the best way to advertise the RAV4 by creating a cute and purposefully ironic cat video?

Before the Dodge "Kittens" commercial there was this creepy ad for the Toyota Corolla. The ad stars humanoid felines who fight each other over fish. You can't make this stuff up.

Hyundai's 2012 Super Bowl commercial starred the Turbo Veloster and one very hungry cat. The "Cheetah" ad is catvertising done right. There's no need for half-human cats or decapitation when you have humor.

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