5 Concepts Revealed At Detroit 2015 That Could Easily Make Production


All that's needed is official approval.

The phenomenon of concept cars is really quite interesting. They can be opportunities for designers to show off their skills and imaginations, or they could hint at fresh and upcoming styling language for production models. In other cases, automaker executives simply want to get feedback from the media and public. But sadly, some of the coolest concept cars remain only that and never see the light of day again. At this year's Detroit Auto Show, however, there happened to be five concept reveals that weren't complete bullshit.

The Buick Avenir, Hyundai Santa Cruz, Infiniti Q60, Chevrolet Bolt, and Volkswagen Cross Coupe GTE all look like production cars. Don't be surprised to see some or all of them on the road in the very near future. Oh yeah, there's one more that deserves honorable mention. The Ford GT is officially considered a concept, but we all know it's heading to production and even the race track.


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