5 Crazy Animal-Car Encounters

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Concerned about wild animals potentially damaging your car? You should be, and if you're not careful, they may even attack.

Wild animals are not creatures to be messed with, although there are many people in this world who think they make great pets. Aside from that being a really, really bad idea, drivers are often caught off-guard by just how unpredictable animals can be. Whether it's on a random highway or a vacation with the wife and kids, encounters with animals can potentially become very interesting, to say the least. Check out these videos of moments when car meets animal.

Elephants can be vicious and when they get pissed off about something, it's best to duck for cover as soon as possible. Or just hope you're in a vehicle that can sustain the incoming blow. These guys who stumbled upon a pack of elephants in what's likely Africa were lucky to escape with their lives and bodies intact.

This family vacation to Yellowstone Park will certainly be memorable for many reasons and perhaps the most obvious one is this direct encounter with a bear. With the kid crying and scared in the back seat and the wife nagging, this guy had the unfortunate position of having to deal with this potentially dangerous situation.

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Man's best friend may not always be kind to cars. For whatever reason, this dog felt that the front bumper of this cop car would be a wonderful snack and the police aren't exactly sure what to do in order to avoid harming it. The dog was reportedly sent to obedience school as punishment.

For irony's sake, it's too bad the driver in this video wasn't driving a Dodge Ram pickup. Why? Because the animal that's clearly not a fan of moving vehicles is a Bighorn sheep, whose horns alone can weigh up to 30 lbs. This ram is capable of doing serious damage, but it's more interested in establishing its authority.

As we all know, deer need to be taken seriously as a threat to cars and their human cargo. A direct impact can easily kill the passengers as well as the animal. In the case of this bus driver, a deer went right through his windshield and not only survived, but spazzed out when it realized that it was stuck inside the bus.

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