5 Crazy Cars To Come From The Mansory Nuthouse

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This may prove the link between madness and genius.

Even multi-millionaires who frequent S&M clubs need transportation, and when it comes to extreme luxury with creative madness, look no further than German tuning company Mansory. Mansory makes cars for people who would buy Spykers if the brand was relevant. After all, Mansory's cars land in one of two camps: so unique and over the top that it is lust worthy, or too out of this world for anyone except for well-endowed psychopaths. This list covers them all, from the eye opening to the cringe-worthy of Mansory's luxury Franken-cars.


1) G63 Sahara Edition The Kardashians even have a G63 AMG, but this particular example is for people who want to outdo the Kardashians rather than keep up with them. Despite the camouflaged exterior, the only warfare this car declares is on sensibility. Nothing about this car makes any sense unless a copious amount of LSD is in your diet. From the full carbon fiber body to the 292 horsepower bump from 536 horses all the way to an ego-bloating 828, this car has no intention of appealing to the masses. This is all good because the car isn't priced for the masses either, with the entry mark starting at $850,000 for your own example.

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2) Gold and Green Rolls-Royce Ghost For those who used to stay up late downing energy drinks and customizing video game cars, this is what happens when too much caffeine and fatigue get into the mix. This particular example of a green and gold colored Rolls-Royce Ghost must have been the result of a very wealthy customer's decision to match their car to their outfit for a costume party. Unfortunately, what ensued is a chaotic eyesore when the customer decided to extend the gold coloring to the windows. The Spirit of Ecstasy on this Rolls is very fortunate that she cannot turn around to see the hideousness that she adorns.


3) Orange Bentley Continental GT This Bentley is one of the better examples of badass beauty that Mansory has created. Boasting 1,001 horsepower and a contrasting burnt chrome orange wrap and exposed black carbon with a matching interior, this Bentley is an all out assault on the senses. This car is likely a one-off creation commissioned by the Green Goblin himself. The fact that the convertible can hit 60 mph in 3.9 seconds will mean that the goblin can lob his pumpkin grenades out of the car and get away, leaving victims confused as to whether they should feel awe or terror.

4) Lamborghini Aventador Carbonado Apertos This Lamborghini proves that its what's on the inside that counts. The car isn't dull, but Mansory decided to leave the carbon fiber unpainted. The only thing alluding to the insanity that lurks within is an electric yellow ring around the rims. Inside the car is a continuation of the yellow and black color scheme that looks like something you would find on a venomous snake. The bull gets its bite from the upgraded 6.5-liter V12, which now makes 1,250 horsepower instead of the usual 691 horses. Want one for yourself? Then you'll need to pay $1.65 million dollars, the price of five stock Aventadors.

5) Mansory Ferrari F12 La Revoluzione Rules are arbitrary in the world of Mansory, so while automakers are downsizing engines and designing pedestrian-friendly bodies, Mansory is adding turbochargers to the already-wickedly fast Ferrari F12's V12 and tweaking Ferrari's recipe for sexy body-types. The result of its efforts is this $1.4 million dollar one-off Ferrari F12. The entire body of the Ferrari has been redone in delicious candy colored Revolution Red with an exposed carbon weave. With a reworked engine making 1,200 horsepower, nearly double the output over a stock F12, this is the car you buy before you get prescribed a straight jacket.

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