5 Crazy Motorhome and Camper Races

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These races place destruction and ridiculousness above speed.

If you're someone who thinks that racing isn't racing without a little rubbin', then you'll love checking out all of these crazy motorhome and camper races. These races are filled with destruction and hilarity and prove that anything with four wheels and a motor can be raced. Then again, this so-called "hobby" isn't for everyone and some may find it a bit strange. If you're the type of person who cuts people off in the fast lane while towing a trailer, then this is the sport for you.

Leave it to Top Gear to invent the most ridiculous motor sport ever, Extreme Motorhome Racing. The rules are simple and the racing is rough and tough, if a bit slow.

What could be more fun than watching cars with trailers hitched to them race around a figure eight track? The answer, as proved by this video, is nothing.

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Did you know that there's a British Caravan Grand Prix held every year in the UK? It's a 15 lap race that sees drivers battling it out to cross the finish line (with caravan still intact) first.

Watching motorhomes race around a track is surprisingly interesting, but it's another story entirely when you watch motorhomes race on a drag strip. There's a reason this video is almost a minute long.

Think caravan racing is a relatively new thing in the UK? Think again! This video is a little long, but it's worth watching the entire thing for the great commentator and epic crashes.

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