5 Culturally Offensive Car Dealership Ads

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These commercials aren't made for those with thin skin.

For some reason, car dealerships always seem to make the funniest and most ridiculous commercials. Most of the time, we're laughing at these car salesmen, not with them. The best dealership ads are the ones that are so blatantly culturally offensive that it makes you wonder what they were thinking when they shot it. If you have thick skin and secretly enjoy laughing at stereotypes, then check out these culturally offensive car dealership ads below.

Suncoast Auto in Pascagoula, Mississippi, decided that the best way to try and sell used cars in the Deep South was by using a flamboyant pitchman. No one knows if the plan worked, but it sure is something to see a straight man throw on a lisp and prance around a used car lot in a card costume.

Those from north of the border will be the only ones truly capable of appreciating this add for Racicot Chrysler in Amhertsburg, Ontario. If you can't tell that Canadians like hockey after watching this ad, you're either blind, dumb or both.

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The world needs more lower class/middle class heroes like the Credit MacDaddy. The Credit MacDaddy will pimp your credit, steal your wife and ensure that you get a pie in the face. Too much win here.

This commercial for South Oak Dodge is so culturally offensive, it's almost not funny. Thankfully, a man in a Superman suit punching a sumo wrestler is hilarious and always will be. Buy American!

It's tough to tell if this ad for Texas' Grand Prairie Ford is serious or not. On the one hand, the guy starring in the spot looks in it to win it, but on the other hand, he's shooting out windows for God's sake!

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