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Ever wonder what the Latvian luxury automaker does when it's not covering the seats of its SUVs in whale foreskin?

By now you all know who Dartz is. The Latvian (not Russian) automaker is known for its crazy expensive SUVs with ridiculous luxury options such as whale foreskin. Dartz doesn't spend its entire time making SUVs however; they also do crazy car wraps. "Crazy" is defined here as purple checkerboard patterns and red chrome wraps. Yeah, they're that ridiculous. If you enjoy seeing supercars covered in leather or dyed lime green, continue reading.

What you're looking at here is a Ferrari F430 covered entirely in leather. For some inexplicable reason the Latvian automaker decided leather would look better on the exterior of the car than on the interior. This Ferrari is certainly "unique," and it's not nearly as ugly as some of the other cars on this list.

This lime green Aston Martin DB9 by Mansory is bound to polarize opinion. Those who love lime green car wraps will love what Dartz has done here. Those who can't stand lime green car wraps will hate what Dartz has done here. At least everyone can agree that the smoked taillights and headlights look awesome.

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Leave it to Dartz to wrap a Bugatti Veyron in red chrome. This automotive cry for attention was created at the company's vinyl wrapping headquarters in Cannes, France. Now a Bugatti Veyron wrapped in red chrome is ridiculous to begin with, but it's the car's snakeskin accents that really push it over the top.

If you love Aston Martins but think that a lime green wrap is a little too much, then maybe you'll like this satin/matte red-wrapped DBS Volante. Dartz once again added a wrap to a Mansory custom job, only this time they chose a color that was easier on the eyes.

Here's hoping that this purple checkerboard Audi R8 is a one of a kind. Why Dartz decided to wrap the German supercar in a purple checkerboard pattern is beyond me. Just enjoy the ridiculousness.

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