5 Epic Car Jump Fails

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Not all car-jumping videos feature fake wins. Some feature very real and painful fails.

There are two types of car-jumping videos. The first type is the win. These usually feature epic feats of lower body strength and a ton of editing. The second type of car-jumping viral is the fail. The videos that fall into this category don't feature much editing and are typically a lot more fun to watch than the wins. There's just something awesome about watching a guy smash both his friend's windshield and his own butt in a failed attempt to jump a moving car. If you agree, continue below to check out a selection of epic car-jumping fails.

Even if all of these fails are staged, they're still hilarious. What's even better is that these guys break not one, but two car windshields over the course of the clip.

This video proves that jumping over a Saturn is not nearly as easy as it looks. Gaming gearheads will appreciate this clip more than most thanks to its inclusion of classic "Mortal Kombat" and "Excitebike" characters.

This guy was technically trying to jump onto a moving car, but the epicness of his fail warrants a spot on this list. Granted, jumping onto the roof of a moving car probably isn't easy, but it seems as if he should have made it, seeing as how the car was moving so slow and he had such a head start.

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Chances are that you've already seen this video of 19-year-old Bladimir Barreto attempting to jump a car. The stunt, performed to impress college recruiters, ended up going terribly awry. Those with a weak stomach look away now.

If you're still trying to wash out the bad taste in your mouth from the last video, this clip should do the trick. Why anyone would try to jump a police Suburban while running from the law is anyone's guess.

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