5 Epic 'Top Gear' Crashes

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These videos are proof that things don't always go off without a hitch on everyone's favorite car show.

'Top Gear' is famous for its hilarious hosts, killer car reviews and epic stunts. Most of the reviews and stunts on the show go off without a hitch, but there have been a few times when things have gone awry. These videos range from horrific to hilarious, and show just how dangerous it really is to make 'Top Gear.' you want to see Clarkson crash into the ocean or a helicopter hit the dirt, then continue reading below.

In this video, Jeremy Clarkson valiantly attempts to catch the last ferry from Belfast in a Renault Twingo 133. As you can probably guess, he didn't make it, but the resulting crash into the sea is worth watching the video in its entirety.

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This clip from 'Top Gear Korea' features the series second most epic crash. The stunt was supposed to involve an AH-1 Cobra helicopter racing a Corvette. Less than a minute in the stunt goes bad, but both the pilot and cameraman were able to walk away unharmed.

Leave it to Jeremy Clarkson to crash a Porsche 911 GT3 during a review run. This crash isn't really epic in nature, but it is awesome due to how organic and unplanned it was. Richard Hammond probably shed a tear when he watched the tape.

If you have never seen the 'Top Gear' segment where Jeremy Clarkson drives a three-wheeled Reliant Robin, then go watch it now! This video is a supercut of all the epic crashes from that segment set to Yakety Sax.

Richard Hammond crashing the Vampire dragster is easily the most epic crash ever captured on 'Top Gear.' Hammond was on his last run of the day when the front right tire blew out, causing him to crash at over 250mph. Hammond miraculously made a full recovery and was even able to joke about the incident on the show.

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