5 Examples Of How To Brilliantly Waste Time


Humans get bored, and these people show how to solve that.

As animals that reside at the top of the food chain, we no longer need to spend a lot of time hunting. The result is that we easily get bored and try the craziest things that come to our mind in order to milk excitement out of life. Luckily, video cameras let us capture and share our stunts to show the world just how far we have come. With this, we can make a highlight reel of the good, the bad, the embarrassing, and the just plain ugly of humanity. Here are the standouts from the past week.

If you don't know who BJ Baldwin is then you're about to get pretty familiar with him thanks to another one of his Recoil videos. It's like Gymkhana except with way more jumps and a jackass Sasquatch.

Ahh gold diggers, what would we do without them? This particular Ferrari owner is driving his F430 around when an attractive woman approaches him to inquire about his personality. He then informs the young lady that he is in fact a valet and does not own the vehicle, but would still like her phone number. How do you think she reacted?

Supercars are desirable for obvious reasons, but once you have one, you realize that like a Swiss Army knife, it has a lot more uses than you previously anticipated. Lighting cigars on fire with flame-spitting exhausts, attracting police with your presence and scaring the crap out of innocent bystanders are just a few of the alternate uses.

Most gearheads would kill to go to the SEMA auto show, but this guy apparently has a much more exciting life. Instead of chatting viewers ears off about how cool rims and paint look on a Porsche, he decides to entertain himself by getting bombed off of the beer and finding out just how tolerant SEMA is with drunken journalists.

Front wheel drive cars have their uses, but purists don't like them because the lack of power to the rear means that powerslide-induced endorphins are not possible. This guy has an easy solution: just put some food trays on the rear wheels and lock them in with the e-brake.

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