5 Facebook-Built Cars

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Automakers aren't just on Facebook to get likes; they're turning to fans to help them build and customize cars.

When it comes to Facebook, automakers know a thing or two about how to interact with fans. Many car companies show teasers of new models via Facebook, with Ford going so far as to debut the new Explorer on the social media. A few car companies have taken Facebook fan interaction to the next level, letting fans customize and by sounding off on fan pages. If you've always wanted to design a car, but hate the fact that you actually need to go to "school" and have "experience," then continue reading below.

Ford solicited its Facebook fanbase when trying to come up with a name for its Mustang V6 Performance Package. A total of 1.4 million fans were eligible to vote, with the winning name came from Jeremy Marler of North Carolina. For coming up with the "Mayhem Mustang" name, Marler won a free three year lease on said Mustang.

Aston Martin decided to let their fans build a custom model once they reach 1 million "likes." The company let the fans build the entire car, letting them choose the model, interior and exterior options and the name. The resulting (and not very creatively named) DB9 1M is simply stunning.

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Nissan decided to interact with its Facebook fans in a big way by letting them design a 370Z track car. The company solicited opinions from its fans, sourcing mods such as a GReddy twin-turbocharged system and catback exhaust system from those who voted.

Ford's Rally team gave Facebook fans the chance to choose the roof livery for its Fiesta RS WRC. Fans could go onto the company's page and vote by "liking" a design. The winning design appeared on the race day cars driven at the 2011 Rally Finland.

Citroen turned to its sizable amount of UK Facebook fans for help designing the C1 Connexion. After 24,000 votes, it was decided that the car would be a three-door hatch, and that it would have a Caldera black body and Scarlett red interior. Citroen also plans to turn to Facebook for help designing the badge for the special edition model.


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