5 Ferrari Concepts That Should Never Have Been Made

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Thankfully, these never made it to production.

Ferrari. The word conjures up red supercars plowing through the Italian countryside in a blur leaving behind nothing but the incredible sound of music. However, just like any other automaker, Ferrari has made some hideous concepts. These five vehicles are some of Ferrari's worst and, unsurprisingly therefore, never made it to production. The world would be a different place had Ferrari put vehicles into production based on these concepts and one where the automaker may not be held in the same high esteem as it is today.


Ferrari isn't known for making sedans. In fact, the Ferrari Pinin is the only four-door sedan that the automaker ever created. No, there have not been any other four-door cars to leave the factory wearing a Ferrari badge. Sorry, but it's the truth. While the Pinin is proof that Ferrari can make a sedan, it's not very flattering. Its angular design and square-like appearance are hard on the eyes. The Pinin looks extremely similar to the Aston Martin Lagonda, which is something that one should never say about a Ferrari. A Ferrari should stick out of the crowd for good reasons and the Pinin just sticks out.

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The 1970s was filled with wedge-shaped, insane concepts and Ferrari created one of the craziest with the 512S Modulo. It wasn't pretty, just extremely futuristic.

The Ferrari Mythos may be the most striking and eye-catching concept to ever wear a Ferrari badge, but it's still ugly. At a time when Porsche came out with the 959, Lamborghini with the Countach and De Tomaso with the Pantera, Ferrari had the F40. But that wasn't enough. The automaker wanted to be at the front of the pack and the two-seat roadster proved that Ferrari could make stunning supercars. The Mythos' 5.0-liter flat-twelve is magnificent, but the rest of the concept is hideous.

The Ferrari 458 is a gorgeous supercar. It's arguably one of the best looking supercars of modern times, but Ferrari couldn't leave the thing alone. It's like the automaker used an ugly hammer when it made the Sergio. Put this in a garage and leave it there.

Lastly, the concept that paved the way for the Ferrari LaFerrari is something that can never be unseen. The LaFerrari's pretty, but the F150 Tensostruttura doesn't look right in a lot of ways. Thankfully, Ferrari fixed the problems with the LaFerrari.

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