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5 Fresh Rumors About The 2018 BMW i5


German report estimates a total combined output of 640 hp.

With the German automaker hard at work preparing its Tesla Model S fighter, the BMW i5, a new report published in AutoBild magazine sheds some more light on the model that plans to become a true contender in the EV luxury sedan wards. According to AutoBild, the i5 will be based on the long-wheelbase, Chinese market 5 Series, employing a design language that mimics the upcoming next-generation 7 Series. The car will be roughly the same size as the current generation 6 Series GranCoupe.

As we reported before, the i5 will not be a fully-electric Tesla fighter like its i3 counterpart. Rather, its power plant will be quite similar to the 5 Series GT hybrid concept, employing an eDrive technology system that combines a 218 horsepower gasoline engine with two electric motors – a 150 hp motor in front and a 272 hp motor in the rear. Combined, its total output will be an impressive 640 hp. But until the company gets around to showing us a concept version, perhaps at this year's Frankfurt Motor Show, we'll have to wait and see if Tesla truly should be worrying itself about what's going in Germany.

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