5 Gearhead MythBusters Features

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It's a known fact that the best stunts from the hit Discovery Channel show always involve automobiles.

MythBusters isn't a show about disproving popular car myths. Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman both confirm and disprove a variety of myths, but their best work, from a gearhead perspective, comes when they chose to focus on cars. The duo has attempted to bust some wacky myths, from trying to beat a speed camera with a jet-powered car to seeing if a Lambo wannabe could skip across water. Even if you aren't a fan of the show, you should still check out all of these awesome clips. After all, where else can you see a Jetta with 3,100 pounds of lumber tied to its roof?

How fast do you have to go to beat a speed camera? MythBusters decided to find out, enlisting the help of a jet-powered car to see if the camera could be beaten. The results may surprise you.

Pulling a tablecloth out from under a set table, a la the viral BMW commercial, is impossible, right? You'll have to watch this recording of a TV (it's the only video on YouTube that shows the completed stunt) to find out.

Have you seen Cannonball Run 3? If so, then you'll remember the scene at the beginning where a Lamborghini Countach skips across the water. MythBusters attempts to recreate that particular stunt, only with a Pontiac Fiero instead of a Lambo.

Driving a 90s Jetta with 3,100 pounds of lumber strapped to its roof is a bad idea. That being said, MythBusters proves that it can safely be done.

Driving a car onto the back of a moving truck doesn't sound that hard to do or dangerous. Spoiler alert: It isn't hard or dangerous to do.

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