5 Godzilla-Approve Drag Races

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The Nissan GT-R has proved time and again that it's no slouch when it comes to the drag strip.

It's tough to hate on the Nissan GT-R. It only seats four, gets over 20 mpg highway and can rundown almost any supercar on the planet. Yes, it is a true supercar killer and it costs less than nearly all of its potential rivals. The GT-R has earned its stripes on paper, but how does it do on the strip? The answer, unsurprisingly, is pretty darn good. Godzilla may not win every race, but it's pretty competitive no matter what the competition.

This race puts a modified 2009 GT-R against a "stock" Viper ACR. The Viper ACR has the advantage as far as horsepower goes (600hp to 573hp), but the GT-R has all wheel drive. The race is a close one to say the least.

There aren't many details readily available regarding this race. No idea what year the GT-R is or who even won the race for that matter. The biggest question we're left with is how the heck did that Lada get off the line so fast?

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When you race two GT-Rs, everyone is a winner. This video pits the 2012 GT-R against the 2011 GT-R. Carnage ensues as the 2012 GT-R shows just what 45 more horsepower and improved launch control can do.

The Lexus LFA may carry the bigger price tag, but it doesn't exactly smoke the Nissan GT-R through a quarter mile. This race is close, with the winner finishing only 1/10th of a second faster than the loser.

A Bentley Continental Supersports versus a Nissan GT-R is actually more equal of a competition than you would think. The Bentley may weigh a few tons more, but it's also got a beefier engine. Like the race against the LFA, this contest is decided by mere tenths of a second.

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