5 Good as Gold Rolls-Royces

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You can't truly say you've made it until you own a Phantom covered in 265 pounds of 18k gold.

For some strange reason, covering a Rolls-Royce in gold is not as ridiculous as covering something like a Lamborghini or a Bugatti in gold. If you have enough money to buy one of the most (if not the most) luxurious cars around why not throw some gold d's and a gold grille on it? Spending $8 million to cover a car in gold is a gigantic waste of money. That being said, there's nothing wrong with gazing lovingly at some of the most expensive custom Rolls-Royces ever created.

Fenice Milano is the creator of this purple and gold automotive atrocity. This Ghost has 24k gold on its hood, grille, front and rear bumper aprons, side skirts, wheels and window surrounds. The interior also gets the golden treatment in the form of a gold-plated center console, steering wheel and gauges. This custom job took Fenice Milano 12 months to make and was sold for a cool $3 million.

China's Star Customs showed off a stretched and gold-covered Phantom at the 2011 Chengdu Auto Show. Star Customs stretched the Phantom a full 12 feet and added a gold grille and gold rims. The total for all of this elongated luxury is a cool $2.36 million.

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Designer Timur Bozca of Turkey drew up a black and gold Phantom that actually doesn't look so bad. Bozca's golden Phantom has an all-black paint job featuring gold accents on the grille, bumper and window surrounds. The golden rims are a little much, but they're not nearly as loathsome as the purple rims placed on the Fenice Milano Phantom.

The Middle East is right where you would expect to find an all-gold Phantom Drophead Coupe. Hosam Al-Ghamdi, the photographer of this car, has dubbed it the "Golden Royal." As far as golden Rolls-Royces go, this one isn't too bad. The gold Spirit of Ecstasy is a nice touch.

This Phantom EWB from Stuart Hughes is the ultimate in luxury protection. It was made using 265 pounds of gold and can withstand fire from AK-47s and Dragunov sniper rifles. Oh, and it can also take blasts from up to two hand grenades. The $8 million ride is covered in 18k gold, with everything from its door handles to the rear fold-down receiving the Midas touch.

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