5 High-Performance Police Cars

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For police officers tired of driving that old Ford Crown Victoria or any other typical sedan, these high-performance cars may be the best alternative.

US drivers should by now be accustomed to seeing the typical police car: a large sedan. While they're more than capable of getting the job done, we can't help but think our police officers could use a car that's a bit more exciting. Fortunately other countries are doing this already. We've gathered a list of what we think are some great alternatives to typical police sedans, each one boasting solid performance credentials and that would definitely make a cop's day even more fun.

Although it was just reported that Ford's Australian-based FPV division will soon shuts its doors, the performance specialists still managed to supply a Falcon GT for police duty in the land down under. Already the most powerful car ever produced by FPV, this Falcon GT's V8 has been upgraded from 450 horsepower to a ridiculous 535 hp. It was built to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the New South Wales police department.

This may be a wagon but it's also a cop car based on the Ford Focus ST. Powered by the automaker's 250 horsepower EcoBoost turbo four-pot, it can go from 0 to 62 mph in 6.5 seconds and has a top speed of 154 mph. Although the ST typically is a hatchback, this special model was built purely as an example of how it could be applied for police duty. The wagon's larger cargo capacity is something police officers need and it's even been equipped with an LED light bar on the roof a mobile data terminal on the dashboard.

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You know what? Forget all that so-called need for more interior volume in order to accommodate police gear. What a cop car really needs is all-out performance to chase down those who defy the law. This Audi R8 by ABT Sportsline debuted at the 2011 Essen Motor Show as part of a German tuning safety initiative. Called the Polizei Fahrzeug, it features a number of upgrades over the stock car, some of which include 19-inch alloys, carbon fiber ceramic brakes, sport exhaust, sport suspension and a carbon fiber aerodynamic kit and roll bar. Power output is said to be around 640 hp. Our advice: unless you're driving something that's equal or better, don't try outrunning it.

It's no secret that Colombia has had its share of drug smuggling issues over the years. Taking extreme measures like training the military to stop the smuggling is one thing, having a really fast police car to chase those dealers down on the streets could be equally effective. This 1991 Ferrari 348 TS was originally owned by a South American drug lord but was seized by police in 1994 in a raid. It's powered by a 300 horsepower V8 and had just 1,200 miles on the clock when the police became its new owners. Instead of selling it, the Colombian police opted to repaint it in its national green and white police colors. However, it's now on display at a police museum.

If the UK police aren't satisfied by the performance of the Focus ST wagon, then perhaps this Lotus Evora will do the trick. Back in 2011 the British sports car maker lent the UK Police Force in the West Midlands this Evora, which was painted in neon yellow accents with contrasting dark blue. Lotus stated that the Evora doesn't sacrifice fun for speed and that it wants to teach officers the art of fine driving while going at high speeds.

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