5 Hipster Car Commercials

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Fans of indie bands, irony and bad beards will love these too cool for school spots.

Hipsters aren't exactly known for their love of cars. They are at the head of the class when it comes to unique facial hair and indie films, but if you asked them about a Bugatti Veyron they would probably think that you're talking about an unsigned garage band. Despite their seeming indifference to everything mainstream, hipsters still make up a big portion of the consumer base. Combine this with the fact that people love to laugh at hipsters and you get a collection of car commercials designed to both appeal to, and make fun of them.

This ad from Volkswagen Australia does a great job at poking fun at the hipster's incessant search to be "different." Everyone in the Polo, save for the driver, is constantly changing their hair style and facial hair in order to stand out, but at the end of the day they all end up wearing the same pair of skinny jeans and shiny boots.

Ever heard of the band Pomplamoose? If you have, then you probably love this Hyundai holiday ad. Consider yourself officially uncool if this commercial is your first exposure to the Bay Area indie band.

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Hipster haters will find this Honda Australia (Australia must have a huge hipster problem) ad ridiculously funny. The commercial attempts to find exactly how many hipsters can be crammed into a Jazz (Fit). It runs a bit long, but it's worth it to watch the whole thing. "Everyone-fair trade."

This ad for the Nissan Versa isn't nearly as cool as it could be. It's shot in stop motion (innovative and artistic) and all of the actors have an "unconventional" style all their own (see the chick at 15 seconds). Unfortunately, Foster the People provide the music, and they're totes mainstream nowadays.

Nothing appeals to a young hipster more than anything directed by Wes Anderson. Hyundai knows this, which is why they hired the indie filmmaker to create a series of ads for the 2012 Azera. Hyundai probably moved at least five Azeras thanks solely to these spots.

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