5 Insane Hagwalah Drifting Fails

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When the Hagwalah goes wrong it's usually the drivers and spectators that pay the price.

Hagwalah is the name given to the insane style of Arab drifting. Hagwalah is characterized by high speeds, sporadic gunfire and gnarly crashes (often going right into the crowds). Drifting on public roads no matter what part of the world you do it in is dangerous, but the probability for serious injury and death seems to be higher when Hagwalah happens. These clips feature some of the craziest Arab drifting fails ever and are must-see for fans of dumb driving and ridiculous auto wrecks.

Drifting an old sedan in the middle of the desert while your buddies hang out the windows is a brilliant idea no matter what country you're in. Needless to say, it doesn't take a genius to guess how this video will end.

This video features two fails for the price of one. The first one isn't so bad by Hagwalah standards (no one appears to be dead), but the second one more than makes up for the tameness of the first. Hagwalah rule #1: You're not safe as a spectator no matter where you are.

Hagawalah crashes of all time. Those with nerves of steel might even be forced to look away. It's that gnarly.

Drifting an old beater truck is not the best of ideas to begin with. Drifting a beater truck in the Hagwalah style while your best bro rides shotgun and you might as well wreck yourself before fate steps in and handles things. As bad as this crash is, it's actually one of the lighter ones on this list.

The best thing about this crash (if there is any good to be gleaned from it) is that it appears that no one was seriously injured. That being said, this sedan gets absolutely annihilated after clipping a truck on the highway.

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