5 Insane Stunts That NEED To Happen In 'Furious 8'


Why not drive a car off the top of the Empire State Building?

Here at CarBuzz we are unapologetic super fans of the "Fast and Furious" franchise. The movies are perfect for gearheads. They feature beautiful people, exotic locales, awesome action scenes and of course, kickass cars. The next film, the aptly named "Furious 8," is set in New York. After that, well, not a lot is known. Most of the main players from the last film's cast will be back. But until we see shots from the set or get to watch a trailer, we're left to speculate as to what shenanigans the gang will be up to in NYC.

So, that's exactly what we're going to do (speculate)! Here are the top five stunts we think need to happen in "Furious 8." First up is a stunt that will be familiar to those who saw "Furious 7." We think Vin Diesel and his crew should steal a car from atop the Empire State Building. How would they get it down? Simple: They would drive it off the top. That sounds insane, but these guys drove a Lykan Hypersport out of a skyscraper AND had car skydiving in the last film. Yeah, the observation deck on the 102nd floor is a bit small and well fenced off, but movie magic can be worked. How hard would it be for Ludacris' character to devise a BASE jumping parachute for a car? Not very.

New York is filled with landmarks, and none is more famous than the Statue of Liberty. What if the new villain in the film was planning to drag it down using muscle cars…or something? That seems like the perfect opportunity for a showdown featuring drifting cars and automatic weapons. How cool would it be for Vin Diesel to hoon a Challenger Hellcat around the base of the statue while Michelle Rodriguez sits shotgun firing an actual shotgun?

This next idea might piss New Yorkers off as it would create some major traffic jams during shooting, but what about a game of keep away along the Brooklyn Bridge? This happened somewhat in "Fast Five" with the massive safe chase and in "Furious 7" with Nathalie Emmanuel (Ramsey, the British hacker) being passed from car to car. Our heroes could make up some b.s. excuse as to why they needed to be on the bridge which would set the stage for an epic relay race/game of keep away/whatever the writers want to do.

Okay, if anyone has seen "The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift," then this next idea will be all too familiar: drifting around Times Square! Hell, this could be a recreation of one of two of the scenes from that awesome film. Either have a character drift circles around pretty girls or just have them slide through the iconic space during a chase scene.

Finally, we think it'd be a sin to not have a chase scene shot in one of New York's many subway tunnels. This seems like a no-brainer to us as it allows for intense stunts, such as tight turns into adjacent tunnels and playing chicken with subway cars. It's all too easy to imagine Vin Diesel smirking and saying something like, "I know a shortcut," before he barrels down into a subway station and hauls ass onto the tracks.

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