5 Intriguing BRZ "vs." Videos

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Subaru's BRZ may not win every head-to-head matchup, but the sporty coupe never backs down from a challenge.

It's safe to say that Subaru's BRZ is under more pressure to perform than Scion's FR-S. Subaru is known for making sporty cars that can zip around tight corners. Scion is known for its box cars and the iQ. Consequently, the BRZ has been put in a variety of head-to-head competitions since its release. These range from simple comparisons over what car is the better buy to full-on Gymkhana races. You can check out all of the BRZ "vs." videos below to see just how often Subaru's coupe tops the competition.

A stock Subaru BRZ and a Gymkhana-spec 370Z do battle in this video. You'll need to watch this clip twice to see how well both of these cars handle the Gymkhana-style course.

Road & Track put the BRZ up against the Miata and the Genesis Coupe in a track test to see which of the three was the best of the best. Spoiler alert: The winner of this competition may not surprise you.

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Evo put the BRZ up against the Renault Megane 265 Trophy to see whether Japan's RWD coupe could beat Frane's FWD hatchback. Evo's winner, and the reasoning behind its choice, is sure to piss off a few Subaru fanboys.

Ever wonder if a BRZ could beat an S2000 in a drag race? If you said "yes," then you will want to check this video out. Avoid this video at all costs if you can't bear the thought of a BRZ getting slaughtered on a straightaway.

Consumer Reports put the BRZ up against its evil twin, the FR-S, to see which is the better buy. The winner of this competition isn't very shocking, especially when you take into account the price difference between the two.

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