5 Jet-Fighting Drag Races

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These videos prove that racing a jet plane for pinks isn't the best of ideas.

Sometimes you know the outcome of an event, but you still want to watch it. Examples include a fight involving Floyd Mayweather and anyone not named Manny Pacquiao and the gold medal basketball game at the Olympics. Still, just because you know something will happen, doesn't mean that you don't want to see how it will happen. That line of reasoning applies perfectly to these car versus jet plane drag race videos. It's a no-brainer that a jet fighter will whip all automotive comers in a straight line race, but sometimes its closer than you'd think.

This is perhaps the only time you will ever see a motorcycle race a Porsche and a jet fighter. The race is tighter than you'd expect, but the jet pulls it out in the end. The battle for second place is tighter than expected though.

A jet plane against an F1 car sounds like a fair matchup on paper. However, once you get to the track it's a whole other story. If the F1 driver knew that he would get a giant bottle of champagne for winning he might have hit the gas a little harder.

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Do yourself a solid and skip straight to the 7:58 mark. That's the time when Motor Trend's Arthur St. Antoine quits talking and starts racing. A Corvette ZR1 against a Blue Angels' F/A-18 Hornet makes for an interesting race, but you probably already know how it ends. Or do you?

Fifth Gear proved that an F1 car is faster than a Eurofighter Typhoon in a 600 meter race. Unfortunately this video is of a 900 meter race. (The Eurofighter Typhoon was shown to be the faster of the two through 1,200 meters, thus necessitating the 900 meter race.) Who wins, you ask? You'll have to watch to find out.

Unless you're a really big Richard Hammond fan, you're going to want to skip to about the 6:26 mark of this video. At the 6:26 mark you can see Hammond racing the Bugatti Veyron against a Eurofighter Typhoon. Spoiler alert: watch the race to see who wins.

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