5 John Deere-Approved Drag Races

Drag Race

Drag racing lawnmowers is as American as apple pie.

Ride-on mowers are great for cutting grass, but they're even better when used to drag race. If you find that hard to believe, then you need to check out these John Deere-approved drag races. The mowers featured here may not be able to cut grass, but they know how to haul "butt." Chances are that you'll be shocked by how loud these mowers are and by how fast they can go. These riders aren't wearing leather jackets and helmets for nothing.

Either the rider of the mower closest to the camera got a bad start, or his mower is just ridiculously powerful. Either way, the guy rockets off the line and looks to be the winner of the race.

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There's a good chance that the mowers in this clip haven't been able to cut grass for years. After all, when you're riding a mower that moves as quick as these two do, the last thing you want is a spinning blade below you.

Consider this a "vintage" lawnmower racing clip. The quality is not the best, but you're likely to see more lawnmower races in this five-minute clip than over the course of your life.

This clip is best enjoyed with your eyes closed. The action isn't all that great; it's the roar of the souped-up lawnmowers that really steals the show.

Those who raced lawnmowers before all the money and sponsorship deals ruined the fun will enjoy this video. It features a few good ol' boys racing lawnmowers the way they were meant to be raced, without leather jackets and fancy timing equipment.