5 Luxury Lamborghini Commercials

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Needless to say, Lamborghini does commercials a little differently than other automakers.

You don't make typical car commercials when you're in the business of building cars that sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Lamborghini commercials typically have long run times, big budgets and cool special effects. These ads aren't as funny as clever as the mass-produced car commercials from larger automakers, but they do a great job at selling the Lamborghini lifestyle. Continue below if you've ever wondered what videos run on loop in Lamborghini showrooms.

This ad proves that the Aventador LP700-4 is the go-to vehicle during any and all earthquakes. Don't be shocked if first responders around the world use this commercial as an excuse to purchase Lamborghinis.

The life of a Gallardo owner is one of cutting lines, picking up women and being a general stud-if this ad is to be believed. The life of a Lamborghini owner doesn't seem so bad, aside from the semi-creepy photographer whose job it is to follow you around and take pictures of your car.

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How Lamborghini managed to find blocks and blocks of traffic-free streets in NYC is a mystery that has yet to be solved. This ad is a little on the artsy side (no earthquakes) but is still solid.

Lamborghini ditches the black and white lens filters and sweeping scenery shots in favor of clever humor in this commercial. The result is a clever and cheeky commercial that doesn't make Lamborghini owners look like rich d-bags.

Fans of art house car commercials will love this Gallardo spot. What does a scorpion have to do with a supercar, you ask? If you have to ask you'll, never know.

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