5 Midlife Crisis Cars

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Hitting that point in your life when you're just craving to feel young again? These five cars could be the solution.

After creating lists featuring our favorite affordable new cars and luxury sedans, it only made sense to move on to the next stage in the life of a gearhead: the mid-life crisis car. Don't worry, this midlife syndrome will happen to all of us one day if it hasn't done so already. Although we're still years away from reaching this point in life ourselves, we've chosen five cars that would likely satisfy any mid-life crisis. No one car is favored over another but each has enough personality to make anyone feel young, and look good while doing so.

Should the selection of the Chevrolet Corvette be of any shock? Of course not. The all-American sports car tops the lists for many young and old car guys and gals but despite its performance value, they don't always come cheap. The brand-new C7 Stingray will likely base for around $50,000 but older generation models can easily cost much more when in pristine condition. But the thought of once again driving fast with the wind in your hair (or what's left of it on a balding head) is a reality countless gearheads want back when they hit this stage in life.

The Porsche Boxster is perhaps the ideal blend of sports car purity and modern technology all wrapped up in one glorious open-topped package. For those potentially thinking of buying a Mazda MX-5 to satisfy their midlife crisis, stop what you're doing and please reconsider. While the MX-5 is an excellent roadster, it just doesn't have that Porsche exclusiveness. Yes, we're aware that its base price is nearly double that of the MX-5's, but the Boxster is your ticket to owning an affordable Porsche. In other words, if you've got the dough to spend, leave the MX-5 to younger buyers.

Sure, the Chevy Camaro and Ford Mustang are fantastic but the Dodge Challenger exudes a unique coolness factor. And when you check the box for the SRT8 392 trim and its 6.4-liter Hemi V8 under the hood, you not only have a fully modern muscle car but also a comfortable cruiser with a big trunk that has more than enough space for a set or two of golf clubs. Beyond that, the Challenger SRT8 392 is simply one of the most awesome cars on the market today and people of all ages will be jealous of you for driving one.


You've worked hard for years and have managed to put your kids through college, nearly paid off the mortgage and even bought your wife that new and expensive engagement ring you couldn't afford when you were young. It's time to reward yourself. And what better way to start than with a Mercedes-Benz SL. It's fast and powerful but it's also elegant in a way Mercedes has mastered. There's no question that its $105,500 base price is far from the definition of affordable but in this case, who cares? You've only got a few decades left anyway.

Yeah, this is that surprise pick of the list but the Toyota FJ Cruiser makes complete sense as a midlife crisis car. It's somewhat obnoxious and conventional all at the same time; think delusional visions of serious off-road desert adventures meeting typical Toyota reliability. So you've driven either a Camry or Highlander for most of your adult life and you're rightfully tired of dullness. The FJ Cruiser has an affordable base price of $27,000, solid Japanese reliability and tons of personality. Trust us, your neighbors, despite their initial gas guzzler comments, will soon be envious.

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