5 Models That Absolutely NEED A Wagon Variant

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But do any of their manufacturers have the guts to build them?

The body style might be dying off, but there's still no shortage of new wagon models that are both stunning and fast. Porsche just revealed the Panamera Sport Turismo, which is what we think the Panamera should have been from the beginning. That said, we're still amazed that Porsche built this car, considering it's such a niche market that may steal sales from the Cayenne and Macan. With the Panamera Sport Turismo in mind, we thought of five cars that are currently on the market that we think should be turned into awesome wagon models.

It's a sad reality that most people in the US think wagons aren't cool. Even if it packs a ton of power, they just say "eww, wagons are ugly why not just buy an SUV?" Do you know how we would change that? We'd bring back the Dodge Magnum and offer a 707 horsepower Hellcat version! Let's see people try to call a 6.2-liter supercharged wagon boring. The Magnum Hellcat has the potential to be the most powerful production wagon of all time, and a Demon version cold be even more insane. It would be easy to base this wagon on the current Charger and Challenger platforms, although it could steal thunder from the newest Durango SRT and upcoming Jeep Grand Cherokee TrackHawk.

This choice is a bit of an obvious one, but we're shocked it's never happened before. BMW has offered the M3 as a coupe, sedan and convertible in the past, but never as a wagon. The larger M5 had Euro-only wagon versions in the E34 and E60 generations, but there has never been a production M3 wagon. The groundwork for this car is already in place. The 3 series wagon is already in production, so why can't the M Division just take it off the production line and give it the M treatment? BMW is currently working on an M version of the X3, which will never be as cool as our dream M3 wagon. Still, BMW wouldn't want to steal sales away from its all important SUV models.

None of the cars on this list are grounded in reality, but the Mercedes AMG GT wagon is really far out there. Mercedes said that it would be bringing a Panamera rival to the Geneva Motor Show this year, and we would love it to have the AMG GT's front fascia. Mercedes has already made some of the coolest wagons in history, like the E63 AMG wagon, so we know that it does have the guts to shy away from SUVs, even if it is in limited production numbers. A wagon based on a sports car would certainly be a niche market, but we'd love to see it reach production.

Like the BMW M3, the Alfa Romeo Giulia seems like a perfect sport sedan to get a wagon variant. Unfortunately, Alfa Romeo is still a very new company in the US and it doesn't have a "normal" Giulia wagon on which it could build a hardcore Quadrifolgio variant. Even though the renderings for this thing look absolutely incredible, it will probably never happen. Alfa Romeo is building the Stelvio SUV, which is based on the same platform as the Giulia. There will also be a QV version of the Stelvio, which would leave little sales reason to also offer a Giulia wagon.

Performance wagons are really only available from a few luxury automakers like Porsche, but it didn't used to be this way. Once upon a time, Subaru sold a WRX and STI wagon alongside the sedan models. Enthusiasts were furious when the newest WRX and STI models ditched the popular body style, but Subaru didn't really have the budget to do both. Perhaps when the next-generation WRX comes out, Subaru will be in a better position financially to give the enthusiasts what they want, an affordable wagon with turbocharged power and three pedals.

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