5 Multi-Million Dollar McLarens You Can Buy Right Now


Now, where did I put that lottery ticket?

It’s not every day that you see a McLaren, any McLaren, on the road. That’s pretty much how it works for most supercars, but McLarens are a bit more special to see. The reason being? There just aren’t as many of them out there as, say, Ferraris and Lamborghinis. So, in celebration of the new 570S’s reveal in New York, we did a little online shopping of our own. Here are four P1s and one F1 that are currently for sale for more money than you can probably afford.

This 2015 P1 is up for sale by Gold Coast Maserati in Great Neck, New York, for $2,299,000. Featuring an orange exterior and black interior, it only has 365 miles on the clock.

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Is 365 miles too much for you? Want something even less used? Here’s a P1 with just 100 miles on the odo. The exterior is painted Alaskan Diamond White and the interior is black with orange trim. The price: $2,200,000.

Were the other two P1s just a little north of your budget? Can’t spend over $2 million? Here’s your answer. This P1 is painted Sapphire Black and has a grey interior. Mileage is slightly higher at 578 miles. Asking price: $1,899,990.

For whatever reasons, this seller isn’t revealing this P1’s mileage or asking price. All we’re told is that it’s black on black. We’ll just have to take the seller’s word that everything else is in order.

Already have a P1 but are on the hunt for its iconic and hard to find predecessor, the F1? Mr. Bean himself, Rowan Atkinson, is selling his F1. Just 106 examples were produced and only 72 are street legal. This is one of them. Now, Atkinson originally paid just £540,000 for this one in 1997, but that amount has ballooned to an asking price of £8 million today. Talk about a smart investment.