5 Muscle-Bound Mustang Drift Clips


Ford's flagship muscle car knows a thing or two about sitting sideways.

When most people think of drift cars, they don't think of the Ford Mustang. That oversight seems innocent enough, but it becomes egregious after you've seen all of these Mustang drift videos. While the Mustang does its best work in a straight line, it's no slouch when it comes to sliding around sideways. If you're a fan of muscle cars drifting, then continue below to check out all of these muscle-bound Mustang drift clips.

Five percent of the 500 Mustangs made daily at Ford's Flat Rock assembly plant in Michigan are track tested for quality. This video starring Vaugh Gittin Jr. and his modified Monster Energy Mustang shows just what said test is like. A car's quality can only be ascertained through slow-motion drifts and donuts.

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This is either a case of a driver losing control of his Mustang on black ice or hagwalaha gone wrong. Since this accident happened in Russia-a country notorious for bad drivers-the reasonable answer seems to be hagwalah gone wrong. Not shown: the eventual bat fight between the two drivers.

Vaughn Gittin Jr. and K&N teamed up to create this video starring a life-sized Mustang drift car and an RC Mustang drift car. The RC car gives Gittin Jr. a run for his money as it expertly drifts in an out of the K&N factory. Watching an RC Mustang drift is almost as fun as watching the real thing.

A Camaro SS and a Mustang attempt to outdrift each other in this clip. Both muscle cars nimbly make their way around the track, but for the sake of this list, the "W" goes to the Mustang.

Once again, Vaugh Gittin Jr. stars in a Mustang drift video. This time he is in Japan, showing the locals a thing or two about V8 drifting. Watching a Mustang drift side-by-side with Japanese drifting icons is great, but the best part of this video comes at the end when VGJ lets a few of the locals rev his Mustang.