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Mustangs of all shapes, colors and engine sizes flooded the show floor at SEMA 2012.

One of the most ubiquitous cars at SEMA 2012 was the Ford Mustang. The always-popular muscle car could not be avoided at this year's event, with tuning houses from across the country bringing tuned Stangs to the show inspired by everything from vintage models to WWII fight planes (seriously). What these muscle cars have in common include beefy engines and amazing exteriors and interiors. Fans of all things built Ford are going to want to continue below.

Holman & Moody's custom job was directly inspired by the 1964 notchback Mustangs it brought to the Tour de France Automobile 50 years ago. (The tuned Stangs took first place in the touring class.) This modern reinterpretation comes complete with a Ford Racing-tuned engine, SVT shocks and struts, HMPerformance adjustable sway bars, lowering springs and an oil cooler. Exterior mods include an Alan Mann Racing gold and red livery and 19-inch wheels. Only 500 of these vintage Mustangs are to be made.

Holman Moody
Holman Moody
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Fun fact: The beautiful Mustang you see here was built entirely by women. The car was constructed over a period of two months by 40 women and is based off a 2013 Mustang GT. Over 40 companies donated parts to the "High Gear" Mustang.

This steampunk-esque Mustang GT was Whiteside Customs official SEMA 2012 offering. The Texas-based tuners souped-up the 2013 Mustang GT's engine, adding both a MBRP Performance exhaust system and a MagnaCharger 2300 supercharger. Wilwood brakes were installed to corral all the added power, and a BC Racing suspension system was added to ensure a smooth and tight ride. The copper-on-white paint scheme is also surprisingly dashing.

Eckert's Rod Shop won the battle of the tuned Mustangs with the Mach40. The Mach40 combines the body of a 1969 Mustang Mach 1 with the powertrain of a GT40. All told, the flex-fuel 5.4-liter engine (complete with a supercharger) is good for 850 hp.

A P-51 Mustang was the inspiration for Pictographics' SEMA 2012 offering. The Track Fighter Mustang features a WWII-era livery that pays homage to the iconic fighter plane. In addition to the awesome paint job, the Track Fighter Mustang comes complete with Eibach springs, forged alloys, a Boss front splitter and helmets with built-in communication gear.

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