5 NBA-Approved Auto Ads

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These commercials feature some of basketball's biggest stars hawking everything from Smarts to Audis.

Pro basketball players really have it good. They get paid millions of dollars to play in a professional sport that involves virtually no contact. (The NBA of the 80s is long gone.) What's more, it's much easier for NBA players to score lucrative endorsement deals with car companies. Sure, NFL QBs have been known to endorse cars, but their commercials are cheesy at best-Peyton Manning being the sole exception. If you're wondering just what cars Jeremy Lin, Steve Nash and Phil Jackson put their names behind, then check out these NBA-approved auto ads.

Phil Jackson stars in this semi-humorous ad for the Audi A8. The "funny" thing about this ad is supposed to be the fact that the chef didn't recognize the world-famous coach, but what's really funny is the idea of someone not recognizing Jackson at a posh restaurant. The man coached Jordan, Shaq and Kobe!

Toyota Canada took a big swing and a miss with this ad starring Steve Nash. Nash driving a Prius seems logical, but why would he be fighting an old lady for a spot in a parking lot devoid of cars?

Who would've thought that Shaq and Buick would make such a great team? This commercial has it all: humor, Shaq and potshots at ugly and cramped hybrids (cough, Toyota Prius, cough).

A Brief History Of The Audi TT
A Brief History Of The Audi TT
Goodbye To The Gearbox; You'll Be Missed
Goodbye To The Gearbox; You'll Be Missed

You've got to wonder if Kobe Bryant feels just the slightest bit embarrassed that he shot a Chinese commercial for the Smart Fortwo. Then again, it's hard to feel embarrassed by a cheesy commercial when you're swimming in a pool full of cash. Kobe's time couldn't have come cheap.

Nobody knows whether Jeremy Lin will be able to make Volvo relevant in China. Getting past the Chinese marketing monster that is Kobe Bryant may be too tough a task.

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