5 New Hypercars To Be Revealed At Miami F1 Grand Prix

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Five new cars right out of the gates? That's quite some way to launch a new brand.

Ferrari and Lamborghini may reign supreme in the Italian hypercar sphere, but a new hypercar brand based in Torino wants a piece of the pie, too. Known as Laffite Automobili, the new hypercar company will launch in May 2023 with no less than five electric hypercars, which have all been teased. Most high-end hypercar companies enter the market with just one or two cars - consider Gordon Murray Automotive and Rimac Automobili, for instance - so to arrive all guns blazing with five hypercars is practically unprecedented.

The man behind Laffite is Bruno Laffite, a professional racing driver and nephew of Jacques Laffite, a Formula 1 driver who competed in the 1980s. Bruno Laffite previously founded Laffite Supercars with his wife, a company that delivered the 700-horsepower X-Road all-terrain supercar, so this guy isn't one to shy away from a challenge.

Laffite Automobili
Laffite Automobili

The X-Road came with a V8 engine, but a fully-electric version that cost over $500,000 was also available. This was a supercar for off-road use, years before Lamborghini released the Huracan Sterrato, underlining Bruno's ambition.

No detailed specifications were shared about the hypercars yet but we do know that three models will exist in each of their own segments, with two of these being "completely innovative in the automotive industry." There will also be another two models which are described as "evolutions," but they're otherwise shrouded in mystery, too.

In the teaser image, at least one of the hypercars looks tall enough to be classified as an SUV - or should we say, hyper SUV. All the cars have the same lighting signature and mostly rounded proportions. The bottom middle model (above) looks the most like an all-out hypercar, with a narrow cockpit likely tailored for just two occupants. It looks most like a Rimac Nevera rival, but that car has over 1,900 horsepower, so Laffite will need to come up with something special to match it.

Laffite Automobili
Laffite Automobili

Laffite has put together a team that should help him deliver a highly capable range of hypercars. That group includes Giorgetto and Fabrizio Giugiaro, the founders of GFG Style. Between the two of them, they've been responsible for iconic car designs like the Lamborghini Gallardo and BMW M1.

The engineering and automobile manufacturing company, L.M. Gianetti, is based in Torino and has also come on board to help realize Bruno Laffite's hypercar dreams. L.M. Gianetti has collaborated with F1, WRC, and GT championships racing teams in the past. Its engineering expertise, along with the Giugiaro family's flair for design, seems like a winning combination.

"My dream has always been to see race cars on the road," said Bruno Laffite, pictured immediately below with Fabrizio Giugiaro. "After almost ten years of research, work and development, I created Laffite Automobili and gathered around me one of the best teams in the world to give substance to my ambition."

Laffite Automobili

"It is an honor for us to be able to write the first pages of a new chapter in the automotive industry with Laffite Automobili," said Fabrizio Giugiaro. "We have worked to fulfill Bruno Laffite's wishes, combining the best of aesthetics, elegance, and excellence for each of the three cars."

Bruno's previous experience in the American market, along with the decision to launch Laffite Automobili right here during the Miami Grand Prix, are strong indications that the new hypercars will be available in the USA.

The first Laffite models are expected to be delivered to customers in winter 2024, and we look forward to seeing a new electric hypercar battle ensue with the likes of the Rimac Nevera and Lotus Evija.

Laffite Automobili
Laffite Automobili

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