5 Of The Dumbest Car Items On Sale Today


Don't waste your money on these.

Members of the automotive community can be a surprising bunch at times. At one extreme are automakers and enthusiasts that come together to offer individuals amazing, new products, such as supercars at half the price. At the other, are people asking an absurd amount of money for items that are truly repulsive. Think about all the times you've seen Ferrari hats, Porsche shoes, or BMW watches. Yes, those items are tacky, but these are the five dumbest things on sale that you should probably stay away from.

Any part of one of the most technologically advanced cars in the world is going to be expensive to purchase. Heck, we'd pay a large amount for a part of a hypercar that's in perfect condition. But what about a part that's absolutely mangled? Well, we would pass on that and while the majority of other people would as well, that hasn't stopped someone from positing the bumper from a wrecked Ferrari LaFerrari online. At $1.42 million the LaFerrari isn't cheap, but one would think that a wrecked bumper would go for something less than $4,470. Unfortunately, that's what this item's going for, which is ridiculous.

Let's say you are one of the few lucky individuals to have enough money to purchase the Porsche 918 Spyder. What now? Porsche recently introduced a bespoke luggage set for the hypercar and it's ridiculously priced. The automaker offers 918 Spyder owners with the ability to purchase five pieces of luggage for roughly $19,700. The luggage set is made out of leather, Alcantara and carbon fiber, but that's still a massive amount of money for a luggage set. You could buy a decent car for that amount, but Porsche would rather you spend it on these absurd items.

Some may get upset at seeing this on the list, and we normally wouldn't put a car on a top five list of dumb things on sale, but buying a Nissan R34 GT-R in the US is pretty dumb. Regardless of how this individual managed to get it in the country, the sports car is still illegal and when the government finds out that it's being driven on public roads, it will be confiscated and destroyed. We're not saying this will definitely happen if you manage to sneak one into the country, but there's a strong possibility. And when it does, you will lose all of the money you spent on the car. Don't be dumb by getting a car you know is illegal.

Automakers usually auction off cars or piece of a car for a good cause, but it's still dumb to spend money on it. Take this celebrity-signed 2017 Acura NSX hood for example. A host of celebrities signed the hood of the vehicle at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival, which somehow made the hood off of an utterly disappointing supercar more desirable. Unbelievably, someone took this hood home for the handsome sum of $10,800. If the proceeds weren't going towards the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation, we're sure this hood would've sold for less.

Lastly, Ferrari has a really bad habit of placing its emblem on all types of crap that no one needs. Everything from backpacks, cologne, cufflinks, wallets and more have been given the Ferrari treatment. But Swiss watchmaker Hublot took things too far with a $300,000 watch. That's more money than an actual supercar from the automaker! It may have taken over 600 hours to build, but there's no reason to pay this much for a watch. Heck, you can even buy a house instead of this thing.

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