5 Offbeat Automotive Stories That Will Literally Make You Say WTF?!

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We can't really explain how any of this stuff happened.

We see a lot of strange and interesting stuff hereat CarBuzz. Most of it could be called normal, even the craziest tune jobs and most ridiculous concept cars. Then there are offbeat stories that we report on every so often. These aren't strictly news stories but they are so crazy and ridiculous that we just can't help but share them. Some are funny, others are sad and all of them will leave you scratching your head and wondering what the hell happened. Here are fiveof the most offbeat stories we've recently encountered.

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We love car games. Full stop. However, it doesn't feel quite right when playing car games on the phone because there's no steering wheel. Luckily Jihong Yeom came to the rescue. He created a homemade steering wheel using only wire coat hangers. It can be detached for easy portability and because it's made from coat hangers it's really light and malleable. It even has a Porsche badge! Now you can look badass/ridiculous while playing mobile car games.

Remember your friends telling you that Russians are the most badass and maybe the scariest people on Earth? We sometimes pick on Russians, but that's only because their attitudes on the road can be a bit...aggressive. Actually, after seeing these photos they seem more dangerous than aggressive. From dumping trash on top of cars to axes and pans permanently wedged into vehicles, there is a myriad of reason as to why Russians do such cruelty to other people's cars. However, we'll never find out why and it's probably best not to ask.

How terrifying wouldit be to see your beloved car just fall into a sinkhole while you eat yourpancakes? That was what happened last week when a sinkhole swallowed 15 cars atan IHOP parking lot in Meridian, Mississippi. The sinkhole turned out to be 50 feet wide, 600 feet long and at least 20 feet deep.Looking at the measurements, it sounds more like a trench. Fortunately no onewas hurt and as far as we’re aware, the sinkhole didn’t get any bigger.

Wild animals, drunkcollege boys and girls, cars coming the other way; we see a lot of strange things onthe road. However, we don’t think anyone has seen anything as extraordinary andpeculiar as this. Last week, a bright green exploding meteor lit up the nightsky in Bangkok, Thailand. The enormous rock was caught on a dash camera and itdidn’t seem to crash land. The meteor just briefly lit up the night sky and then simply disappeared. It may look beautiful from afar but on the road it was probably scary as hell.

There are many nichesin the automotive industry, with each specified for a specific audience orpurpose. There are SUVs for off-roading and there are track-focused road carsfor passing Golf GTIs at the Nurburgring. However, we become very suspicious ofdrivers who use their cars for the wrong reasons, such as this particular person that wesaw last week. The driver took his Lamborghini Aventador to the desert anddecided to off-road in it. We had no idea why and we still don’t know the method to his madness.