5 Open Top SUVs That'll Preserve Your Manhood Unlike The Range Rover Evoque Cabrio


The car we're all about to hate is supposedly coming next month.

Land Rover has done the math and figured there's a viable business case for a Range Rover Evoque Cabrio. A concept version, if you recall, premiered at Geneva back in 2012, and it disturbingly looked almost production ready. Clearly we weren't fans of it then, nor are we now. But business is business. Rumor has it that alongside the refreshed Range Rover Evoque that'll premiere next month, the production Cabrio variant will appear as well.

Land Rover

But we still like open top SUVs, despite the Evoque Cabrio being a true hairdresser's car of choice. So here are a few dro-top SUVs that are still manly and not completely embarrassing to be seen in publicly (OK, we'll admit the Suzuki isn't the best, but it's still worlds better than the Evoque Cabrio).

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Land Rover

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