5 Owners That Had A Lot Of Trouble Controlling Their Hypercars

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P1, LaFerrari and 918 Spyder all destroyed.

Currently, McLaren, Ferrari and Porsche are leading the automotive supercar world with their vehicles: the P1, LaFerrari and 918 Spyder are some of the fastest, most technologically advanced hypercars on the road. All three automakers have focused on packing the cars with an amazing amount of horsepower, keeping weight to a minimum and utilizing new technology to make the cars insanely fast around a track. However, that didn't make the vehicles easier to drive and these are five of the biggest crashes Holy Trinity owners have experienced.

Is driving in a straight line easy? It isn't if you're driving a LaFerrari on Budapest, Hungary's busy streets. The crash left the Ferrari looking like it had an eye patch.

The 918 Spyder may be a hypercar, but it's just like a normal vehicle in a lot of respects. Just like other vehicles, the 918 Spyder has two pedals: one that makes the hypercar go faster and the other that slows things down. The damaged 918 Spyder above was the result of the driver forgetting which pedal did what in Shanghai. That's right, the woman behind the wheel mistook the brake pedal for the throttle and slammed into a street. The charity event below from the Malta International Airport incident showed the world that when hypercar owners like Paul Bailey have an off, there are no safety measures in place. The horrific accident left 28 bystanders injured after Bailey lost control of his 918 Spyder while driving the hypercar down the runway.

Just like the 918 Spyder and LaFerrari, the P1 is a hypercar that's hard to drive. One of the first serious crashes involving a P1 happened in Dallas, TX just one day after the wealthy owner bought the supercar. The 27-year-old behind the wheel of the British hypercar lost control on a "wet spot" in the road and veered into a guardrail. There's no word on how fast the hypercar was going, but it looks like the hypercar spent some time on its roof. Needless to say, speeding played a major role in the death of the silver P1 and we're sure other motorists in Texas have also lost control of their vehicles due to the state's extremely rainy weather.

More recently, a P1 owner's friend took the hypercar out for a joyride and managed to destroy the vehicle. According to recent reports, the "friend" stole the P1 and blew right through a stop sign and was then t-boned by a Honda Pilot. The accident took place in the Washington, DC area and left the hypercar's passenger side completely mangled. Letting a friend behind the wheel of a million dollar, high-powered exotic isn't the best idea and stealing one is an even worse idea.

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